After most countries joined liberalisation efforts in telecommunication sector a lot of new network providers started to provide telephone services. At the same time Internet calling technologies and telephone services started to converge. New tools became necessary to optimise numbering resource usage, allow users to switch service providers while keeping same number, track who is real subscriber behind a number and map telephone number to Internet services. These tools are telephone number allocations registry, database of ported numbers, centralised subscriber and user electronic numbering (ENUM) registries. Infozillion inc. develops and provides these tools as a fully supported software solutions or managed services. The company is targeting developing countries which have not deployed these tools yet and countries looking for better systems to replace existing ones.

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    why its needed?

  • Surveys in European Union showed that about 80% of people who change service providers would like to keep their number and that customers see loss of number as most significant deterrent to switch to competing services. That is why Europe Commission decided to include number portability in a universal services directive as a required service to be implemented in all member countries.
  • Number portability is a tool and not a reason for competition. As a result of introduction of number portability competitive service provides gain more market share and service prices usually become lower for end customers.



  • There are many benefits to all parties involved: regulator, service providers and subscribers. Number portability is a tool to reach some of its goals: ..
    • Updated network may be able to provide new services
    • Lowering barriers to new entrants to market
    • Levelling playing field for existing market
    • Eliminating another barrier for fair competition
    • Raising customer satisfaction
    • Optimise numbering resource usage